Watch teachers’ protest song about forced academisation. #ThisSchool (May 2016)

Video and text uploaded to YouTube by  NUTteachers

This is our anthem. We have had enough of the ideological attacks on our schools. It’s time to stand up. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a governor or work in a school, whether you are fighting cuts, excessive testing, school closure or the destruction of your pay and conditions, this song is for you.

Live Engineering by Alexi McNulty-Bakas
Mastered by Bill Sherrington
Additional musicians & mixing at Crown Lane Studio
Produced by John Merriman

Additional voices:
Jake Cunningham
Peter Webb
Trish Buckley

Beatbox performed by MC Zani

Choir Arrangement by Gitika Partington
Lyrics by Nick Grant
Instrumental arrangement by John Merriman

Filmed and edited by Jack Tomkins
Coordinated by Jackie Schneider.

With thanks to Ruth Serwotka and the staff of Hamilton House.

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